E-664: Rohde & Schwarz ESM 500A

E-664, VHF / UHF receiver Rohde & Schwarz ESM-500A; developed and produced by Rohde & Schwarz, Munich.

The VHF / UHF receiver ESM 500A from Rohde & Schwarz was used as standalone monitoring receiver with army designation E-664 and also as receiver of the P-736 VHF direction finding system.

E-664: Rohde & Schwarz ESM 500

Technical Data

Power Supply


  • 483 x 132 x 506 mm, 18 kg (rack version)


  • Remote receivers ESM 508K (20 - 87 MHz), ESM 517K (68 - 174 MHz), ESM 540K (220 - 450 MHz), from one power supple / control unit (GX500) up to eight remote receivers can be controlled.
  • Panoramic display EZP

E-664: Front view


The ESM 500 VHF / UHF receiver in a 19” cabinet can be used as a monitoring receiver and replaced the ESM2 receiver in the P-736 VHF / UHF direction finder .

The receiver covers the entire VHF / UHF range from 20 - 1000 MHz , for SSB reception, the tuning step sizes can be switched down to 10 Hz.

The 99 memories can also be written externally via an IEC / IEEE bus or RS232C interface, a scan function allows to scan the memory channels - this functionality anticipates the possibilities found in a scanner receiver from the nineties.

Technical Principle


The set is completely solid state.


Field use

The VHF / UHF receiving system ESM-500A made by Rohde & Schwarz was not only part of the P-736 VHF / UHF direction finding system, but it was also used separately as a monitoring receiver with the army designation E-664.


Additional information

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