Technical Regulations

The technical manuals in the Swiss Army signals are called Reglement, technical regulations. Usually the informations adress to the users (which are not in all cases trained signalmen) or the signalmen operating or taking care of the equipment. Usually, all military regulations consist of informations about all parts of a system, it's dimensions and weight, the instructions for setting up the system and operating instructions. Usually there is a scheme of the controls, a schematic diagram and some more or less detailed instructions for troubleshooting and repair.

The technical regulations of the signal troops are black, those of the infantry green, those of the artillery red.

In the early days, the regulations were designated with T and a numeral, later they got numbers according to the scheme, a small d stands for the German and a f for the French language version.

The so called Revision instructions and the regulations for the signal equipment mechanics are very detailed, they come in brown color and carry designations according to the scheme. Here circuit descriptions, schematics, cable schemes, parts lists (in older schematics, the components are numbered and no values ​​are given) and technical drawings.

The Spare parts catalogs list all components of a system with their order number, sometimes down to individual screws and components.

Technical Regulations

Technical Regulations

Technical Regulations for signal mechanics

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