In the early days of military wireless communications, radio equipment was acquired from commercial manufacturers, the sets were known under their commercial type designation.

Shortly after, abbreviations were used for the different stations. The letters usually indicated the intended use, so TL for „Tragbar Leichte Funkstation“ („Portable Light“), G1.5K for Grosse 1.5 Kilowatt K Kurzwellenstation„ („Big 1.5 kW shortwave station“), partly the designation was followed by the year of introduction, like the SM46, the „Schwere Motorisierte Radio Station 1946“ (Heavy motorised radio station).

In 1951, a new designation scheme was introduced for all wireless equipment used by the Swiss Army. Some older stes got designations according to the new naming scheme.

Since then, all transceivers carry designations following the scheme SE-xxx followed by a three-digit number; some transmitters which could be run as standalone sets got S-5xx designations.

Transmitter List

Some transmitters, which were a part of a wireless stations got a designation S-xxx where xxx stands for the SE-xxx designation number.

Designation Transmitter designation and associated radio set
S-018 Transmitter LR / H-Station = BC-375 (USA)
S-214 Transmitter TS 25 = Tfk AR 125b or AR 245
S-216 Transmitter SM old = Tfk Spec 219 Bs
S-217 Transmitter D-Station = Tfk As 1017
S-218 Transmitter G-Station
S-300 Transmitter FL 40
S-301 Transmitter FS = Tfk Spec 219 Bs
S-304 Transmitter A-Station = Tfk S 344 F
S-305 Transmitter BK Station = Lo Kw Transmitter b
S-306 Transmitter BL Station = Lo LW Transmitter a
S-402 Transmitter SM 46 = BC-610 (USA)
S-403 Transmitter M1K = Tfk As 60 or As 3028
S-404 Transmitter C-Station = Lo ch KW transmitter c
S-500 Transmitter Brown Boveri (Transmitter „Emil“)
S-501 Transmitter RCA 350 Watt
S-502 Transmitter Siemens 1 kW, S 40 135 - S 654
S-510 Transmitter Zellweger
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