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 +====== E-662 ======
 +**Civil protection system receiver E-662**; developed and produced by [[Brown Boveri|Brown Boveri Cie.]]
 +The civil protection organization planned a communications system to inform the population in the shelters in the event of a disaster and also to ensure communication between local civil protection organizations,​ Brown Boveri developed the "​Ortsfunksystem 90" (Local communications System) in the 1980s. ​
 +===== Technical Data =====
 +{{:​images:​e-662-brown-boveri.jpg?​direct&​200 |Ortsfunkempfänger E-662}}
 +  * [[Principle]]:​ [[single conversion]],​ [[IF]] ​
 +  * [[Modes]]: [[F3|FM (F3)]]
 +  * [[Frequency range]]: 439 - 440 MHz
 +  * [[Sensitivity]]:​ / [[Selectivity]]
 +==== Power Supply ====
 +  * [[Accumulator / Batteries]]:​ four 1.5 V batteries or 12 V DC from a car battery.
 +==== Dimensions ====
 +==== Accessories ====
 +  * As standard antenna, a rubber coated antenna is used. To operate the set in an underground shelter, an external antenna (in the escape tunnel of the shelter) can be connected via a coaxial connector.
 +{{:​images:​e-662-brown-boveri-front.jpg?​direct&​200 |}}
 +===== Operation =====
 +The local communications radio receiver has only two buttons, a volume and a test button.
 +It is powered by batteries, which means that the receiver, which is only switched on when messages are sent, can be operated for approx. 8 weeks from one set of batteries; when connected to a car battery, the receiver works for months. ​
 +===== Technical Principle =====
 +Single conversion superhet with a quartz-controlled fixed frequency and tone-controlled selective call operation.
 +==== Semiconductor setup ====
 +The set is completely solid state.
 +==== Development ====
 +The civil protection local communications broadcasting system [[Ortsfunksystem 90]] was developed by [[Brown Boveri]], in the eighties. The system consists of fixed frequency selective call activated receivers controlled from local communications transmitters,​ which can be used to broadcast informations to the population in a local area or can be remote controlled to reach the population of a whole region or county.
 +==== Field use ====
 +===== Manuals =====
 +==== Additional information ====
 +  * [[https://​​_upload/​Das_Ortsfunksystem_OFS_90.pdf|Ortsfunksystem 90, presentation on the website of Hamfu]]
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