Civil protection system receiver E-662; developed and produced by Brown Boveri Cie.

The civil protection organization planned a communications system to inform the population in the shelters in the event of a disaster and also to ensure communication between local civil protection organizations, Brown Boveri developed the „Ortsfunksystem 90“ (Local communications System) in the 1980s.

Technical Data

Power Supply



  • As standard antenna, a rubber coated antenna is used. To operate the set in an underground shelter, an external antenna (in the escape tunnel of the shelter) can be connected via a coaxial connector.


The local communications radio receiver has only two buttons, a volume and a test button.

It is powered by batteries, which means that the receiver, which is only switched on when messages are sent, can be operated for approx. 8 weeks from one set of batteries; when connected to a car battery, the receiver works for months.

Technical Principle

Single conversion superhet with a quartz-controlled fixed frequency and tone-controlled selective call operation.

Semiconductor setup

The set is completely solid state.


The civil protection local communications broadcasting system Ortsfunksystem 90 was developed by Brown Boveri, in the eighties. The system consists of fixed frequency selective call activated receivers controlled from local communications transmitters, which can be used to broadcast informations to the population in a local area or can be remote controlled to reach the population of a whole region or county.

Field use


Additional information

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