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 +===== Watkins - Johnson =====
 +The company, which was founded in 1957, produced semiconductors and communications equipment as well as high-quality short-wave receivers for military purposes. In the 1990s, it was taken over by various companies active in the defense sector. With the HF-1000, Watkins-Johnson introduced one single DSP receiver to be sold to radio amateurs after 1993.
 +==== Company History ====
 +The Watkins-Johnson Company was founded in 1957 in Palo Alto, CA. The Watkins-Johnson Company Telecommunications Group founded in Gaithersburg in the year 1966 produced communication equipment and employed up to 450 employees.
 +Watkins-Johnson'​s equipment quickly earned an excellent reputation for their high-tech receivers among military and intelligence agencies.
 +After 1998, Watkins-Johnson was taken over by Marconi and then by BAE SYSTEMS North America (British Aerospace). The Gaithersburg facility was acquired by Integrated Defense Technologies IDT for $ 146 million in 2002, and by DRS Technologies Inc. (DRS Electronic Systems, Inc., 200 Professional Drive, Gaithersburg,​ MD 20879) in November 2003.
 +==== Additional Information ====
 +  * [[https://​​dsp_hersteller_detail.cfm?​company_id=6915|Watkins-Johnson company history on]]
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