Telefunken, Berlin GmbH (later AEG / Telefunken Ulm)

The „Gesellschaft für drahtlose Telegraphie Telefunken mbH“ (Wireless Telegraph Society Telefunken) was founded in 1903. It was founded as a competitor to the Marconi company, which was in a leading position in maritime communications in the anglo - american countries. Telefunken not only united the parent companies AEG and Siemens, but also their patents in communications technology.

In 1941 Telefunken was completely taken over by the mother company AEG, in 1967 the up to that moment independent Telefunken GmbH was fused with AEG to become AEG-Telefunken. Due to economic difficulties, certain units were sold off after 1970.

The consumer electronics branch was hived of the group in 1972 and later passed to the French Thomson Group.
The branch of high-frequency and transmitter technology was transferred in 1989 to the DASA (German Aerospace AG) under the name Telefunken Systemtechnik GmbH.

In 1996, the former parent company closed down, the semiconductor production in Heilbrunn continued after a takeover as Telefunken Semiconductors GmbH & Co. In 2015, this last branch had to file for bankruptcy.

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