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Logo SEL Logo Standard Bell In the forties, the renowned transmitters of the G1,5K (SE-302) and C1,2K (SE-404) stations were produced in the Zurich subsidiary of the German C. Lorenz AG under license of Standard Telephone & Radio AG which was a part of the american Bell & ITT group.

Company history

The German Carl Lorenz AG developed from a mechanical workshop into a production company for telegraph and telephone material in Berlin. In 1906, a license agreement with the Amalgamated Radio Telegraph Company Ltd. was signed an with a license to Poulsen arc transmitters, the company started the production of wireless transmitters. The C. Lorenz Radio Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH was founded in Berlin in the year 1926 and subsequently took over patents from Huth.

"Rote Fabrik", um 1945 In 1930, the majority of the shares were sold to the American Standard Electricity Company (SEG), the later ITT. The C. Lorenz AG continued to operate independently of the parent company andwent into the market of radio equipment for police forces, broadcast transmitter technology of the Reichspost and the German Reichswehr. Later, C. Lorenz AG develops a wire recorder, high power transmitters and got much know-how in the development of VHF radio systems. During World War II, the German corporation almost completely had to switch to military production.

Gebäude STR 1959 The Standard Telephone & Radio AG was founded by the Bell Telephone Manufacturing Co., Antwerp , in 1935. In 1941, STR was taken over by the American ITT.

In Switzerland, the Standard Telephony & Radio AG in Zurich Wollishofen initially produced technical equipment for the PTT (Post Telegraph Telephone), from simple telephone relays to complex equipment for civil telephone and military communication. In 1940, Standard Radio & Telephone AG moved into the premises of the legendary Rote Fabrik. In 1959, new production facilities were built in Au (ZH), and in 1976 was the relocation from the „Rote Fabrik“ to the Friesenberg administration building in Zurich.

Gebäude STR 1965 In 1958, the Standard Elektrik AG group was mergend with the C.Lorenz AG to become Standard Electrik Lorenz AG (SEL), a part of the ITT group.

After the sale of this group of companies from ITT to the French Compagnie Générale d'Electicité (CGE) in 1986, the company name of Standard Telephone & Radio AG changed to Alcatel STR AG. The Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG was renamed Alcatel SEL AG in 1993. Since 1996, the company has been known as Alcatel Schweiz AG and is still operating in the telecommunications industry, after the merger in 2006 as Alcatel - Lucent Schweiz AG.

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