Power supply SG 94; developed by Autophon AG, Solothurn.

To power the wireless sets from the SE206/209-family, Autophon developed a power supply for mobile use, it can be powered from vehicle batteries from 6 V, 12 V and 24 V and provides the necessary voltages for heaters and plate voltages.

The AC voltage is generated by to vibrators, one is powered by 12 / 24 V and the second by 6 V vehicle onboard voltage. There is also the possibility to connect a mains transformer NTS94, for this, you have to select the connector marked with „~“.

The power supply is activated by means of a relay when the push-to-talk pushbutton of the headset is pressed down.

The power supply is also equipped with an AF amplifier and a speaker.

Technical Data

  • Heaters voltage 1.4 V; plate voltage +180 V for transmitter output stage, +90 V for all other circuits in the transmitter and receiver, + 45 V for plate voltage of V1-V3 is generated over a resistor from the + 90 V voltage; - 45 V to power the relay and for negative grid voltages.

Valves: V202 AF preamplifier and V203 AF final stage.
V205 in the amplifier for the microphone and line out signals.


  • 340 x 237 x 131 mm , 14.7 kg


The power supply is used to power the SE-206/209 family sets from vehicle onboard power systems and - together with the mains transformer NTS94 - also from AC mains.

Technical Data

Additional Information

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