Radio system SE-430; manufactured by Zellweger AG, Uster.

In the late 1980s, the shortwave radio station SE-430 was developed to communicate with remote stations using ionospheric propagation on shortwave frequencies. Stations located outside the line of sight otherwise cannot be reached by military VHF communication.

SE-430: Bediengerät BE-430


Power Supply

  • Mains: 230 V AC mains
  • Accumulator / Batteries: built-in rechargeable battery in BN-430 for receiving operation
  • Generator: The operation site is equipped with a MAG 0.4 kVA and the transmitter site with a 2.5 kVA generator.


  • The wireless station without remote equipment and aggregates has a weight of 320 kg
    • Control unit BE-535 : 32 kg
    • Transmitter S-430 : 37 kg
    • Transmitter Power Supply SG-430 : 28 kg


  • For standard operation, the vehicle whip antenna is used.
  • Dipole antenna with a central mast and the automatic antenna tuner AG-510/430. The antenna material for the two dipole antennas (transmitting / receiving antenna), each with a central 12 m mast, consists of two mast bundles, two cable reels each with a 60 m coaxial receiver cable and a cable reel with 60 m coaxial transmitter cable
  • Telekrypto535 : Encryption device for bit stream encryption in teletype mode
  • SVZ-430: Voice scrambler to be used in telephone operation
  • Artificial antenna KA-510/430

Station Material

The Shortwave Radio Station SE-430 was used to communicate over long distances partly by using ionospheric propagation of shortwaves; it can be operated in modes A1 (Morse telegraphy), SSB telephony (A3JU / A3JO) and radio teletype (F1, F4), the output power is up to 200 W PEP.
SE-430: Betriebsarten

The complete system consists of a Control unit BE-430, to which an encryption device TC-535 and a teletypewriter can be connected. In most cases, the signal is transmitted from a remote site via a remote control cable to transmitter S-430 in a distant location. The automatic antenna tuner AG-510/430 is located at the transmitter site to match the transmitting antenna. BE-430: Control Unit
The Control unit BE-430 includes the Receiver E-430, the transmitter control unit BG-430 and battery power supply (BN-430 with one slot for the accumulator).

Sender S-430 The transmitter S-430 is housed in a metal case; for operation, the ventilation flaps must be opened to allow cooling.

Senderspeisegerät SG-430 The transmitter power is supplied by the transmitter power supply SG-430 installed at the transmitter site. It provides the necessary voltage of 32 V for the transmitter and has an integrated test function to check proper functioning.

Abstimmgerät AG-510/430 The dipole antenna is fed by the automatic antenna tuner AG-510/430 which matches to the 50 ohm output of the transmitter, the VSWR is kept constantly below 1.3.

The Receiver Balun EB-430 is connected between the receiver antenna and the antenna input of the receiver and protects it against power spikes in the event of a lightning strike or a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP).

Alternatively, the Emergency antenna NA-430 can be used. The antenna strands of the dipole antenna are shortened to the necessary length as indicated on a frequency table for optimal radiation. However, this means that no short-term frequency changes are possible. Also on the receiver site, a makeshift receiving antenna is available.

The transmitter S-430 can be remotely operated in all functions, this can be done over a field telephone line with a maximum length of 8 km, a microwave connection or a telephone line of the public telephone network. This means, that a distance of half of Switzerland can be between the operator and the transmitter site where the transmitter and the associated power supply unit are located.

The system can be used as portable station or in a fixed installation in a shelter (SE-430/t), as radio station SE-430/m, the station is installed in an off-road radio truck Steyr 4×4.

Technical Principle

Component Layout

The device is completely solid state.


SE-430 und Telecrypto TC-535 In the years 1978/82, Zellweger, Uster developed the new shortwave station; the company had already had a good reputation with the development of the air raid alarm network system S-510|E-646.

The station is completely solid sttae, thanks to the built-in microprocessor, various self-tests can be performed automatically. The station can be remote controlled over telephone lines, the antenna tuning is fully automatic.

The set has been used in different configurations:

  • in the armored personnel carrier Spz 63 (as a replacement of the SE-412): 25 units SE-430/p (1987/88)
  • as „portable“ station with remote operation vehicle: 180 units SE-430/tm (1987/88)
  • in radio truck 4×4 Steyr (to replace the SE-415): 75 units SE-430/m (1987/88)
  • in the signal armored vehicle Uem Pz 63: xx units SE-430/mp
  • as a „portable“ station with remote operation vehicle: 180 units SE-430/tm (1987/88)

Field Use

The wireless station SE-430 was used onboard vehicles (among others the armored personnel carrier 63), mobile on radio truck Steyr 4×4 and onboard the signal vehicle. SE-430: Fahrzeug Steyr Lastw 4x4
The station saw army use from 1988 to 2005 and was liquidated in 2010.

Technical Documentation

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