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 +===== National Company, Inc., Malden MA =====
 +The **National Company Inc.** was one of the leading manufacturers of commercial and military wireless equipment in the United States, only a few sets have been in use with the Swiss Army.
 +==== Company history ====
 +{{ :​logos:​national-logo.gif?​direct&​200|}} The company founded as **National Toy Company** initially produced toys, mechanical hardware and from the year 1924 radio parts and "​Velvet vernier"​ dials.
 +{{:​images:​varia-national-ags-x.jpg?​direct&​200 |National AGS-X}} Under the direction of James Millen, National started developing shortwave receivers, beginning with the "​Thrill Box" around 1927 as their first set; this was followed by the SW-5 and SW-3 receivers. In 1932, National launched the **AGS**, the "​aeronautical ground station",​ then the most powerful communications receiver on the market. It came already with a design with changeable coils and a fine-tuning dial. The AGS set was followed in autumn / winter 1934 by the famous HRO receiver, which was a very successful communications reciver for radio amateurs and in commercial - military use. It's concept with the plug in coil sets for band selection and the PW dial, a fine-tuning dial with a logging dial with numbers displayed in a small, square window, was kept throughout the war years.
 +Only it's successor model, the NC-100 in the A-version came with a "​direct readout"​ frequency dial; the coil sets had no longer to be plugged in but were installed in the movable "coil catacomb"​ and switched when the band selector knob was turned.
 +{{:​images:​e-610-national-hro-front.jpg?​direct&​200 |National HRO}} After World War II, National developed not only commercial and military shortwave receivers, but also amateur radio receivers in various price ranges. But the company missed to do the steps to the modern compact and lighter device generation.
 +National launched another technical innovation when they introduced the HRO-500, the first communications receiver with a built in solid state frequency synthesizer in 1964. After the bankruptcy in 1969, National did continue to produce some military equipment under state contracts for a few years, but was unable to catch up with the competitors. ​
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