E-660: Teletron - Pfitzner TE 704 C

E-660, Teletron - Pfitzner TE 704 C; manufactured by Teletron - Pfitzner, Frankfurt a/Main.

A small number of all wave receivers Teletron - Pfitzner TE 704 C with the possibility to connect to a radioteletype adaptor TG 44 E has been acquired by the signals intelligence for tests with radioteletype communications.

E-660 / TE 704C

Technical Data

Power Supply


  • 220 x 138 x 395 mm, 11 kg


  • Telegraphy demodulator Teletron TG 44 E (F1, F4, F6, F9)
  • Teletypewriter FST 72

E-660 / TE 704C


The professional all wave receiver Pfitzner - Teletron TE 704 C is specially designed for radioteletype and faksimile reception. It comes in a very compact 8,5„ (half 19“) rack unit in a steel desktop cabinet, the receiver itself has a size of 220 x 138 x 395 mm and a weight of 11 kg.

The receiver can be powered from 220 V mains or alternatively from 21 - 32 V DC. At the rear face of the receiver, you find a connector to drive a teletypewriter and a multipole connector for remote operation.

In the middle of the front panel, between the analog signal strength meter and the meter for radioteletype reception mark and space signals, you find the frequency switch arrangement. The Teletron te 704 is controlled by an array of seven decadic switches to control the operation frequency. In contrast to the first appearence from far, there are no BCD switches but a similar switch type, when the switch handle is moved from the upmost to downmost position, the number indicated will change from 9 to 0.

Left of the monitor speaker, you find the mains switch, the RF gain control and the I.F. bandwidth selector, next to it the switch for the AGC and the reception modes.
At the right of the monitor speaker, you find the headphones jack, the volume control and above it the controls for radioteletype operation, for the shift, the polarity and the monitor speaker switch.

Technical Principle

Semiconductor setup

The set is solid state.


Field use

The Swiss Army used the Teletron Pfitzner TE 704 C only in small numbers for trials with radioteletype operation.



Additional information

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