E-620: Radio R2

E-620, Portable radio Radione R2; developed and produced by Radione, Radio Nicolaus Eltz, Vienna.

The portable radio R2, developed in around 1938/9 by Radione, Radio Nicolaus Eltz in Vienna, could be operated not only from mains power but also from 12 V DC onboard a vehicle.

A small number of these sets were purchased by the Swiss Army probably to serve as a „troop entertainment radio“.

Technical Data

Power Supply


  • 350 x 235 x 175 mm, 10 kg



The operation of the portable receiver is straightforward, on the front panel, there are only the volume control and the tuning knob. The station names appear on the round frequency dial; the waveband selector, the wavebands are marked with colored dots corresponding to the color of the frequency dial, is located on the top edge of the set.

Technical Principle

Superhet single conversion receiver with steel tubes, the plate voltage is generated by an electromechanical vibrator.

Valve setup

V1 (EF13, RF preamplifier); V2 (ECH11, mixer, oscillator); V3 (EF12, 1st IF amplifier); V4 (EBC11, diode used as demodulator, triode system as AF preamplifier); V5 (EDD11, AF final amplifier). Gl (EZ11, power rectifier).

In the receiver, steel tubes are used, in the upper right corner of the chassis, the chopper cartridge is located.


Field use

There is no information what was the purpose of use of the R2 receiver in the Swiss Army, it appears on photos in situations where it looks like a troop entertainment set.


Additional information

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