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 +===== Brown Boveri Cie.=====
 +{{ :​logos:​brown-boveri-logo.jpg?​direct&​100|}}
 +The Department of High Frequency Technology of Brown Boveri Cie. developed some military radio sets operating on frequencies from short waves to the SHF frequency range. One of the latest technological innovations was the development of the trunked radio system [[SE-225]] with integrated voice encryption by the consortium **abz**, consisting of [[Autophon]],​ BBC and [[Zellweger]].
 +==== Company history ====
 +Two engineers, Charles Brown, previously head of the technical department of the machine factory Oerlikon and Walter Boveri, head of their local assembly department, founded in 1891 the Brown, Boveri and Cie. This company for the production of electric machines in Baden quickly gained a good reputation as a manufacturer of generators and later turbines and all electrical equipment used in power plants.
 +After generators, BBC developed transformers and electrical equipment used on locomotives and in electric railway installations;​ in the early 20th century, BBC was a thriving exporter.
 +In 1930, Walter Boveri Jr., who had been forced to leave the conpany after the death of his father and company founder, was re-elected to the board of directors. During the years of the world economic crisis, the company had to struggle and parts of the workers had to be dismissed.
 +In 1937, under the leadership of Theodor Boveri, the brother of Walter Boveri jr., the decision was made to diversify and enter into high-frequency technology. Especially, the Swiss PTT's intention to set up a short-wave transmission center in Schwarzenburg marked the beginning of a new business segment. Initially, the focus was on the development of conventional short-wave technology. Early on, BBC entered the VHF and microwave technology and produced transmitter tubes to be used in the VHF and UHF / SHF range.
 +{{ :​images:​se-221.jpg?​direct&​200|SE-221}} Military equipment produceed by Brown Boveri was the short-wave station [[SE-212]] (TL-BBC) , the longwave DF transmitter S-011 for the Air force and the "​Portable Light decimeter station"​ [[SE-213]] (TLD) as an example of an early microwave set. The [[SE-202]] was an early frequency modulated VHF station (SEF) installed onboard the G13 tank hunter, the [[SE-223]] and [[SE-221]] VHF sets used by units observing the dams of hydroelectric plants and the heavy-duty microwave station UKR.
 +Later, the BBC engaged in project "​Peter",​ the development of a trunked military communications system with integrated voice encryption. Due to the technological progress, the project was stopped, reorganized and finally, the [[SE-225]] developed by the consortium abz ( [[Autophon]] - [[Brown Boveri]] - [[Zellweger]]) after a long development time could be introduced in 1992.
 +On 1.1.1988, the merger with the Swedish company ASEA came into force, the large **ABB** group was later smashed again, the transmitter tube and transmitter production was sold to Thomson-CSF and the radio technology to the **ascom**. ​
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