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Braun, Frankfurt

In the early years, the radio sets made by Braun had a similar appearence to those of other German radio manufacturers; the situation changed, when designer Dieter Rams started with designing sets in a unique plain appearence in 1955.

Company History

The „Max Braun Werkstatt für Apparatebau“ was founded in around 1921; from 1923 the company started radio production developing detector sets, until the companys main plant in Frankfurt was destroyed by fire in 1944.

In the post-war years, the company started production again with handheld dynamo flashlights and razors, shortly after, the production of radio receivers was resumed. After the death of Max Braun in 1951, Erwin and Arthur Braun employed top designers to present radio and audio equipment with a completely new designer. The sets designed by Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams soon hat an excellent reputation for their plain design; some of the best known are the radio-phono combination „Schneewittchensarg“ and the world band radio T1000.

In 1967, the Gillette Comp. Boston, bought the majority of the shares, the radio division was handed over to Analog & Digital Systems Boston (ADS), the last hi-fi receivers manufactured by Braun carried their label.

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